Strategy and Business Plan

Strategy and Business Plan

Strategy and Business Plan

Strategic planning is a management tool used by business entities to carry out business in a better way through integrating their capabilities and ensuring that all employees are heading to the same objectives. Strategic planning also aims to develop clear goals and objectives and achieve them within the specified period and within possible human and financial resources in order to achieve the desired future state. This planning is summed up in outlined goals, which comprise the strategy.

The business Plan, which is one of the solutions completing Strategy, is a set of successive, coordinated and correlated activities and stages. It is used as a tool to achieve a specific goal or set of goals that have been pre-set during a certain period through providing human and material means required for this purpose.

The strategy and business plan are both working to guide the company to success. The strategy represents the trend while the business plan represents translation of such trend into numbers to be measurable.

Added value to business entities from Strategy and Business Plan Services

  • Assist business entities with understanding and identifying market and competition trends, and hence making wise business decisions;
  • Increase profitability and provide solid competitive advantage; and
  • Differentiate the business brand and enhance staff satisfaction.

Services provided by Baker Tilly

Baker Tilly provides audit, tax and consulting services for business entities and assists to develop strategy and business plan through:

  1. Consulting Services

    Baker Tilly has accumulated experience in preparing strategies and business plans, where this experience represents a focal point in providing unique, direct and measurable solutions.

  1. Training Services

    Offering training programs, seminars and workshops for business entities which are provided by a group of qualified and experienced trainers to shed light on the methods of preparing and following up the strategy and business plan.

Other related services