Investment Advisor

Investment Advisory Services

Investment Advisor

Baker Tilly renders its services as an investment advisor inside Kuwait as a registered advisor with Capital Markets Authority (CMA).

Article (1) of Law No. 7 of 2010 on the Establishment of Capital Markets Authority & Regulation of Securities Business and Executive Regulations thereof defined Investment Advisor as a “corporate entity that provides investment advisory services related to securities in consideration for a commission”. Rule Book 5-9-11-12 and 13 of the Executive Regulations of the aforesaid Law sets forth the investment advisor’s functions, duties and conditions to be met by them.

 Added value realized by businesses entities from Investment Advisor consulting

  1. Obtain quality professional services ensuring accurate investment decision; and
  2. Ensure compliance with the legislative and regulatory requirements relating to investments.

Services provided by Baker Tilly

Baker Tilly provides a variety of investment advisor services including the following:

  1. Securities Assessment

    (Ref.: Module 5 – Securities Activities and Registered Persons – Article 27-1)
    (Ref.: Module 9 – Mergers and Acquisitions – Article 2-7)

  2. Providing technical assistance in case of private/public offering in securities, including the following duties:

    • Preparing the prospectus of the private/public offering;
    • Act as the main liaison entity with the Authority concerning the Preferred Shares issue application;
    • Provide information or notes to the Authority about the subscription;
    • Participate in submitting presentations to the prospective investors;
    • Ascertain that the Issuer has complied with all conditions required for the issuance of the Preferred Shares.
      (Ref.: Module 11 – Dealing in Securities – Article 13-10)
  3. Providing technical assistance in case of listing the following:

    • Listing shares of Kuwaiti Public Shareholding Company (closed) in the main market of Stock Exchange;
    • Listing shares of Kuwaiti Closed Shareholding Company stocks in the parallel market of Stock Exchange;
    • Shares of Kuwaiti company listed in Stock Exchanges outside Kuwait;
    • Shares of Non-Kuwaiti company in the Main Market of Stock Exchange;
    • Bonds in the Main Market of Stock Exchange;
    • Sukuk in the Main Market of Stock Exchange;
    • Local funds in the Main Market of Stock Exchange;
    • Local funds in Stock Exchanges outside Kuwait;
      This includes the following duties:

      • Participation in preparing the listing application;
      • Monitor the listing of company’s shares in Stock Exchange;
      • Provide information or notes to the Authority/ Stock Exchange about listing;
      • Participate in submitting presentations;
      • Participate in preparing the application of transferring the listing of a company shares from the parallel market to the main market and vice versa.
        (Ref.: Module 12 – Listing Rules – Article 13-10)
  4. Providing technical assistance to collective investment schemes (funds – portfolios or any other contractual forms applied by the Authority), including:

    • Technical review of the promotional advertising of the collective investment scheme;
    • Submitting investment consultancies to the collective investment manager;
    • Maintain regular books and records according to the accounting systems related to the Collective Investment Schemes;
    • Submitting periodic reports to CMA, as requested and in accordance with its issued regulations.
      (Ref.: Module 13 – Collective Investment Schemes)
  5. Providing advice and issuing reports and analyses to others relating to one activity or more of the following activities:

    • Investing, purchasing or selling Securities and investment products;
    • Subscribing to Securities and to Securities’ offering, issuance and listing;
    • Exercising any right that would result in possessing Securities.
      (Ref.: Module 5 – Securities Activities and Registered Persons – Article 27-1)

Baker Tilly is a member of an international network that has technical and professional staff in most of the world, and has databases that enable it to provide accurate investment consultancies.