In-House Training Courses

In-House Training Courses

In-House Training Courses

In-house training is where a business entity has a group (or groups) of employees and wish to develop their knowledge, skills or abilities in accordance to predetermined training needs and in privacy (a way from the public) in order to achieve targeted effectiveness and through training.

What are the training subjects that Baker Tilly Kuwait is specialized in?

Baker Tilly Kuwait specializes in the following fields:

  • Soft skills subjects that relate to interpersonal skills development including, but not limited to:
    1. Leadership
    2. Time management
    3. Managing people
    4. Managing objectives
    5. Communication skills
    6. Report writing
  • Technical skills subjects that relate to management systems and regulatory compliance including, but not limited to:
    1. Accountancy
    2. Auditing
    3. Enterprise Risk Management
    4. Corporate Governance
    5. Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT)
    6. Organizational Structures
    7. Human Resources
    8. Business Continuity
    9. Information Systems

Where can Baker Tilly Kuwait run in-house training events?

We run in-house training events either in the client’s training facilities or in 5 star hotel venues whether in Kuwait or abroad.

What will Baker Tilly Kuwait provide for an in-house training course?

Baker Tilly Kuwait will provide:

  • Equipped Training venue in 5 star hotel (if required by the client)
  • Course handbooks, workbooks and certificates
  • End-of-course evaluation and a brief feedback report on the course

In case of holding the in-house training course in the client’s training facilities. What will the client be responsible for?

The client will be responsible for:

  • Securing training facility and equipment suitable for participatory-style group training
  • Arranging refreshments for participants and trainer.

In what language/s does Baker Tilly Kuwait provide in in-house training?

We deliver our in-house training services, based on the client’s need, in English, Arabic, or in English supported with Arabic.

What information does Baker Tilly Kuwait need to provide an in-house training course?

To help us prepare a quotation and training proposal, we need some preliminary information.

Further information and next steps

Please send us your request or contact our business development team as we welcome all your questions and queries at any time.