Collective Investment Schemes

Collective Investment Schemes

Collective Investment Schemes

Collective Investment Schemes is an entity that employs investors’ money in various investment instruments. It may exist in a corporate investment fund or a contractual collective investment scheme related to movable or immovable assets enabling participants to gain profits accrued through acquisition or ownership or management or disposition of the assets. Collective Investment Schemes can also be in any other scheme as approved by the Capital Markets Authority.

Collective Investment Schemes advisory services help companies in making better strategic decisions regarding investment opportunities. Such services are based on extensive financial analysis that enlightens the decision maker with anticipated potential benefits or losses from an investment opportunity.

Added value to business entities from Collective Investment Schemes Advisory Services

  • Provide financial analysis regarding a company’s profitability, efficiency, liquidity and stability.
  • Assist business entities in understanding and identifying market and competition trends, and hence making wise business decisions.
  • Maximize shareholders’ value, improve operation efficiency and enhance growth potential.
  • Enable business entities to tap new opportunities and expand their operations.
  • Ensure regulatory and organizational compliance.

Services provided by Baker Tilly

Baker Tilly provides the following Collective Investment Schemes Advisory services:

  1. Assist companies in registering as a Collective Investment Schemes
    Baker Tilly assists companies in registering as a Collective Investment Schemes through preparing and reviewing the required documents.
  2. Preparing analytical reports to evaluate investments as well as exit strategies
    Reports include financial ratios that make use of information taken from financial statements and other available reports. These reports are presented to top management as one of their bases in making business decisions.

Baker Tilly is a listed “Investment Advisor” at the Capital Markets Authority entitling the company to provide Collective Investment Schemes Advisory Services.

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