BRC - British Retail Consortium (BRC) Standards

British Retail Consortium - BRC

BRC – British Retail Consortium (BRC) Standards

BRC certification proves compliance by the retailers with safety of products, packaging, packing, storage and distribution processes, from the large multiple and department stores through cooperative societies, independent retailers, selling a wide variety of products located at downtowns and suburban areas, and virtual stores.

Such standards guarantee the standardization of quality, safety and operational criteria and ensure that manufacturers fulfil their legal obligations and provide protection for the end consumer.

There are three key categories of BRC Standards:

  1. BRC Food Global Standard

    It is particularly suitable for companies supplying food products to UK retailers regardless of the product or country of origin. In most cases, certification to this standard is a precondition for supplying to UK retailers. BRC Standard has been adopted by organizations throughout the world, for example food and beverage manufacturing and processing companies.

  1. BRC (IoP) for Packaging

    The Global Standard for Packaging and Other Packaging Materials is particularly suitable for suppliers of packaging materials to food manufacturers who supply UK retailers. Its scope has recently been expanded to include medical, pharmaceutical and consumer goods packaging manufacturers, carton and PET Perform manufacturing companies, cap and closure manufacturers, etc.

  1. BRC Consumer Products

    The standard is particularly suitable for manufacturers that supply consumer products to UK retailers regardless of the product or country of origin. The standard is designed to cover manufactured products that come under the scope of the European Union General Products Safety Regulations (2005) and any other consumer product related legislation. Examples of companies, which this standard suits, include manufacturers of oral care products, laundry brush, shampoo cap, baby wipes, personal care products manufacturers, etc.

Added value to business entities from engagement of BRC consulting

  • Build customer confidence;
  • Demonstrate the application of best international practices.
  • Achieve competitive advantage through being certified to supply products to UK market and large number of countries that apply BRC standards.
  • Protect the brand, enhance business entity’s reputation and ensure safety of all aspects of food processes.
  • Minimize risks related to food safety and quality and reduce warranty claims.

Services provided by Baker Tilly

Baker Tilly assists business entities with qualifying them to obtain BRC certification through providing the following services:

  1. Consulting Services:

    We conduct gap analysis reviews in accordance with BRC requirements in order to obtain the accreditation certification. It is worth mentioning that Baker Tilly assists its clients with identifying and engaging an international certification body, which is competent to conduct assessment tasks.

  1. Training Services:

    We offer training programs, discussion sessions and workshops for business entities to highlight core components and requirements of BRC standards, and how to apply the same within such entities.

Businesses that can benefit from this service

Manufacturers of food products and suppliers operating in supply chain of food products.

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