Mystery Shopping Service

Mystery shopper Service

Mystery Shopping Service

Mystery Shopping is a tool employed by business entities to measure the customer’s satisfaction with a product or service by an independent third party, particularly in business segments where provision of service or product is associated with direct interaction with customers. This is due to the impact that customer’s satisfaction plays in the business entity’s success. A mystery Shopping is an independent person who is unknown to the entity’s employees visiting the agreed locations to verify the implementation of criteria and standards agreed upon with the business entity’s management. The business segments that most utilize the mystery Shopping service include banks, hotels, restaurants, travel and tourism companies and hospitals, etc.

The mystery Shopping is also known as the secret Shopping or quality Shopping.

The mystery Shopping may take several forms including:

  1. Face-to-face mystery Shopping – gathering information only
  2. Face-to-face mystery Shopping – accompanying original customer
  3. Face-to-face mystery Shopping – original customer

Why do business entities need to engage the Mystery Shopping Services?

Business entities need to engage the Mystery Shopping Services to verify:

  1. the level of provision of services and products.
  2. degree of compliance with the business entity’s approved policies and procedures.

Services provided by Baker Tilly

Design and implement the Mystery Shopping service in accordance with the planned objectives.

What are the final deliverables of Mystery Shopping Service?

The final report of mystery Shopping service will include detailed findings and recommendations, which help the business entity develop a corrective action plan in light of the findings arrived.

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