Advanced Corporate Strategy Formulation Program

Advanced Corporate Strategy Formulation Program

Advanced Corporate Strategy Formulation Program

Course Overview

With the unrelenting pace of change and competition today, clear strategic thinking is more important than ever. To survive and prosper in a globalized market, corporate strategists have to not only formulate the correct strategy, but also understand how to implement it effectively.

Course Objectives

By the end of this training course, the participants will be able to:

  • Use FOUR key Strategic Models (5-forces, The Diamond, McKinsey’s 7-s, &The Business Model Canvas).
  • Understand Strategic Planning and its importance to the organisation.
  • Establish a Clear Vision and Objectives and Direct Implementation.
  • Develop Strategic Goals and Select the Most Appropriate Methods for Implementation.
  • Engage people and to Align their skills towards the Achievement of Objective (Commitment Theory vs. Coercive Theory)
  • Monitor Performance and being able to Take Effective Corrective Action when necessary
  • Develop, design, and implement the right strategy.
  • Develop skills to lead organizations during a time of change by creating a learning culture.
  • Redesign performance measures to enhance strategy implementation.

Who Should Attend This Course?

  • Top Management
  • Senior Managers
  • Mid-level managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Heads pf Units & Departments

Course Details

No. of Days : 3 Days
Course Dates : 11 – 13 March 2018
Course Timing : 05:00 – 09:00 PM
Course Language : English
Course Venue : Fully Equipped Training Facility at 5 stars hotel

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